Thursday, 19 April 2018

The Drama Continues: ‘Confidence’ Wasn’t The Only Cheater … Fresh Details Emerge

A University of Zimbabwe student by the name of Confidence has found himself in a tight spot after being confronted about his promiscuous lifestyle … His four girlfriends recently found out they were dating the same man and banded together to dish out street justice.

One of the girls had dated him the longest with a relationship spanning over three years, and the rest we may assume followed afterwards.
The girls who were dating one guy!
Before we begin to celebrate the coming together of women in this new feminist era, it turns out in a new twist Confidence isn't the only sinner after all and the ‘victims’ aren’t entirely heartbroken saints either.

Two of the four girls , where already in long term relationships with boys other than Confidence, which also means that one chick is expecting a baby on the way without potentially knowing who the true father of the child is.