Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Fru Ndi’s Chairmanship Throws Presidential Bid In Doubts

The North West Regional Bureau of the SDF has invested their National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, to seek re-election as the National Chairman for the party’s convention scheduled for February 22-24.

Fru Ndi was designated on Saturday, January 20, 2018, during a regional Conference of the party at the Big Mankon Cathedral Hall.

“I have accepted wholeheartedly to be your flag bearer at the forthcoming National Convention of the SDF,” Fru Ndi said during his acceptance speech.

The Regional Conference brought together more than 550 delegates who took part in selecting, not only Fru Ndi, but a host of others to contest for the various posts at the Convention.
Fru Ndi’s Chairmanship Throws Presidential Bid In Doubts
According to the SDF Chieftain, being an election year, there is confusion everywhere because every political party is taking all necessary steps to take over power. He implored SDF militants to remain focused and not be distracted by political adventurers.

However, Fru Ndi may not be the Presidential candidate for the 2018 elections if the party Constitution was to be scrupulously respected.

Going by the SDF Constitution, the office of the National Chairman is incompatible with the office of the President. If the National Chairman wants to be the President, he will no longer be the National Chairman. The National Chairman of the party is not supposed to stand in as Presidential candidate, except he or she indicates and is voted at the Regional level to stand.

Meanwhile, speaking at the Regional Conference, the SDF Northwest Regional Chairman, Hon Evaristus Njong Ndim, stressed on the party’s readiness to compete for this year’s elections.

Going by him, the party has commenced mobilising it militants and creating various commissions to educate the electorate, especially the youths.

“We believe that with free and fair election, if we massively register and vote and defend our victory, we will definitely get to Yaounde,” Hon Njong stated. www.journalducameroun.com