Thursday, 16 November 2017

Cameroon News - Shocking Revelations About The Real Actors Of The Fight

This country does not exist, but in Cameroon, some of the English speakers are determined to make it very real. 

In a year, what was initially a movement of corporatist claims has turned into a secessionist crisis, fueled by the feeling of marginalization of Anglophones by Cameroonian Francophones. Meeting with these key actors who, in the shade or in full light, want to create this new State.

It's a trip to an imaginary country. A state still virtual that its defenders are determined to make real ... An English-speaking country that crosses the borders of the two current English-speaking provinces of Cameroon. In a year, what was initially a movement of corporatist demands of teachers and lawyers has turned into a secessionist crisis, fueled by the feeling of marginalization of Anglophones by Francophones. A crisis that has already killed dozens.
Ambazonia - Shocking Revelations About The Real Actors Of The Fight

Aline, 14, was shot in her father's house on October 1st. A day chosen by the Cameroon separatists to proclaim their Republic, called Ambazonia. A proclamation that has been severely repressed.

Aline's family lives in Kumbo, a secessionist stronghold in the two English-speaking provinces of Cameroon. Regions now called Ambazonia by supporters of independence. Ambazonia, a country today virtual, a state still ghost, a 56-year-old pro-independence dream revived by activists. Vincent Jumbam, 70, is one of them.

"I am from this country"

In his living room stand several small white and blue flags. "This is the flag of the former territory of English-speaking Cameroon, a great flag, I tell you ... I respect it a lot, I have it in every corner of my house, it's the symbol of a new Ambazonia, it is he who makes us so patriotic, I am from that country.

Vincent's TV broadcast only one channel: that of the Southern Cameroon Broadcasting Center, television Ambazonia yet declared illegal by the Cameroonian authorities. A propaganda tool of the secessionist cause broadcast from abroad.

A TV channel, a flag ... That's not enough for the old activist. "We must have our own army to take charge of our affairs," he says, "here in our communities we are also ready for any eventuality, we are just waiting for instructions." We still have the Republic of Cameroon We have to look at all the possibilities to drive them out of our country so that we can manage our economy, manage our administrations and take care of our own affairs. "

Ambazonia, a name drawn from history and geography. A word based on the banks of the Moungo River, a natural barrier between French and English speaking Cameroon. Nearby, Ambas Bay, a British land discovered by the missionary Alfred Saker in 1858. Ambas Bay gave its name to this fantasy Republic.

A Republic that intends to establish its capital in Buea, capital of the other Anglophone province of Cameroon. On the streets dozens of military units and armed police. All on the alert, since attacks have targeted public buildings and security forces.

"I am ready to die"

To meet the independence leaders of Ambazonia, however, it is necessary to go outside Cameroon. Notably in the neighboring country, the Anglophone Nigeria, refuge of Cameroonian activists who created a provisional government in exile led by Sisuku Ayuk Tabe Julius. He calls himself "president" and became the number one public enemy of the Cameroonian regime.

"I am the President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia We are going to separate We have regained our independence We will only discuss the terms of our separation and then we will build a beautiful country that I invite you to come see in a few years so that everyone can witness what we say today, "he says.

Questioned by a newspaper in Cameroon for embezzlement of a public company - what he denies - this computer engineer organizes the battle for the birth of Ambazonia, funded largely by the Cameroonian diaspora Anglophone. Action at the United Nations, lobbying in Western chancelleries ... without prohibiting the military option: "It's an option, yes, it's

the fight for which I'm ready to live, I'm ready to fight, I'm ready to die ... "

Source - Ambazonia: Revelation About The Real Actors Of The Fight