Saturday, 9 September 2017

Diamond Platinumz - Zari, Miss Tanzania Fight over Singer

A verbal exchange has emerged between Zarina Hassan alias Zari and former Miss Tanzania 2000 Hamisa Mobeto over Diamond Platinumz. Diamond is Zari’s husband.

The exchange stem from allegations that Mobeto, who is a fashion model celebrity, mothered a son with the 'Salome' singer whom she named 'Nasseb Dangota'.

The singer has since rubbished it.

The same model also appeared in the singer's video titled 'Salome'. According to Zari, she used the video opportunity to entice her husband given the time spent during shooting.
Diamond Platinumz - Zari, Miss Tanzania Fight over Singer
Mobeto attacked Zari on her Facebook page and boasted how she was seeing Platinumz. According to Mobeto, it was okay with her since Zari and Platinumz are not officially married.

In response, Zari accused Mobeto of seeking for cheap popularity by claiming she had a child with Platinumz. Zari laboured to explain that Mobeto’s son father is a Tanzanian man, a proprietor of E-FM but not Diamond.

Zari and Diamond have two children and live together after Zari's split with Ivan Ssemwanga who died a couple of months ago. - Online Sources |