Friday, 8 September 2017

Apostle John Chi - Why Is He Persecuted?

Founder of the Ark of Gods Covenant ministry and Ark of Gods TV, was born of September 1976 in Esu Wum Menchum Division of the North west region of Cameroon.

He served as wise man of the synagogue church of Nations Nigeria under the mentorship of Prophet T.B Joshua but was absent from the scene for a while after T.B Joshua announced that one of his close to his heart will leave him.

After the announcement all pictures and videos carrying John Chi could not be visible on Emmanuel TV.
Apostle John Chi - Why Is He Persecuted?
The Apostles Rise was announced by his first crusades that was titled Cameroon for Christ Crusade with John Chi that was visible in major cities of Cameroon. However he explained his call in a Documentary and several book write ups.

His Rise today is being questioned by Tim Tahoram of the Mercy of God Ministry and his followers, who have been spreading propaganda on the social media with John Chi’s pictures and wordings inscribed JOHN CHI IS FAKE.

Tim Tahoram and his followers claim John Chi betrayed T.B. Joshua and hence his rise to Apostleship is ordained by Satan ,but how visible and truthful is Tim Tahoram either, the stakes are high.

Its quite disheartening Cameroon News Today-CNT could not get in touch with the man of God so as to better understand the purpose behind the allegations.

But its worth nothing that this propaganda has brought divide on the social with Christians of both sides arching hence one is tempted to ask what the Bible says on such an issue. Apostle John CHI - Why Is He Persecuted? | Cameroon News Today.