Friday, 30 June 2017

Strive Masiyiwa Finally Speaks -- A Presidential Frenzy Erupts

Business mogul Strive Masiyiwa has sparked a Presidential frenzy after announcing to his thousands of fans he is due to blast out a special announcement, and one “that will blow you away.”

Masiyiwa, a hot favourite to run for Zimbabwe’s Presidency has been mum over his political ambitions, with many speculating at long last the exiled businessman is now taking the bull by the horns. A recent survey showed that Zimbabweans want the businessman for the Presidency, as he was already established financially and remains one of the leading untainted Zimbabweans fit to lead.
Strive Masiyiwa
Said Masiyiwa “Meanwhile, I’ve delayed my special announcement until January. This one will blow you away … Don’t try and speculate on what it might be; you’ll just end up feeding the fake news hucksters. Just wait for it, and be prepared.