Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Prophet Paul Sanyangore The Higher A Monkey Climbs Up A Tree The More It Exposes Its Bottom!

So this is how it ends? After causing quite a scene locally and on social media Prophet Paul Sanyangore has been exposed as a corn artist.

This time not by someone from the church but his kith and kin.

This obviously makes for interesting reading considering that only a couple of weeks ago the so-called “man of God” had made international headlines for calling God on his mobile phone.

In that video which viral on the internet, Sanyangore put up quite an act prophesying a woman who was on her knees.

What caused so much hullaballoo was not the woman who was kneeling down but Sanyangore who pretended to be speaking to God on the phone.

Jonathan Mbiriyamveka
As it turned out, after a fallout with his brother Andy whom we are told was his close confident, a can of worms was opened.

Andy spilled the beans on Sanyangore stating as a matter-of-factly that he was fake.

Andy said Sanyangore never walked on water and that his supposed call from heaven was in fact a call from HELL.
Prophet Sanyangore The Higher A Monkey Climbs Up  A Tree The More It Exposes Its Bottom!
Believe it or not, there are some who will say Andy is not clean because he was implicated in an adulterous affair with a married woman and a congregant at that.

A lot of people will choose not to listen to Andy but will be quick to say he has an axe to grind with Sanyangore.

It can be argued that if Sanyangore was indeed a prophet of God he should have seen this coming.

But he didn’t.

Of course, Andy has a case to answer after Sanyangore claimed that he demanded US$20000 bribe from him.

On the whole, Andy’s revelations could not have come at a better time than now during Sanyangore’s moment of glory.

We all know how much these celebrity preachers have fallen by the way side all because of women.

He is not the only one to be implicated in love scandals, Prophet Walter Magaya’s alleged rape case nearly shattered his ministry.

It was only after the woman who was also a congregant withdrew her charges that Magaya survived by the skin of his teeth.

Then we had Ubert Angel, another flamboyant preacher who was accused of having love affairs with singletons from his church.

And yet the most high profile case of adultery was Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy which led to a divorce with his wife of many years.

If Sanyangore wanted to save his face he should have pre-emptied the story so that he would tell his gullible followers that he predicted that someone close to him would turn against him.

Sadly, we all know how things go when you are at the centre of a storm you panic, huff and puff and all hell break loose.

This is a means to an end if it isn’t then Sanyangore is likely to live another day.

But the lesson we learn from history is that we don’t learn anything from it. www.gemnation.news