Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Jah Prayzah’s Bloated Entourage Costly

One English adage says none so deaf as those who will not hear! When we see one of our own going wayward we don’t look and say it’s his problem.


But when we see one of our own losing his nuggets or getting carried away we act.

Some will say Jay, its sour grapes others will agree with me and add their voices.

And as I write this piece the voices are getting louder for Jah Prayzah to take it easy.

The narco-lifestyle he is leading (fancy cars and girls) will not last him the course, if anything, it will destroy his career.

Jonathan Mbiriyamveka
The lanky singer is barely in his 30s and he’s moving fast, too fast for nothing.

Maybe it comes with age for Jah still has to learn a lot before he can be levelheaded.

What we are seeing is someone who is overwhelmed by the success and is not looking back.

He is chasing after fame as well as fortune but the two do not necessarily co-exist.

Picture this, per any given show Jah Prayzah has an entourage of not less than 30 people.

You heard me correctly, he has one of the biggest bands with 23 members on stage, dude is that an orchestra?
Jah Prayzah’s Bloated Entourage Costly
Then his management is unnecessarily big Keen Mushapaidze drives in his own car, Jah likes to drive solo, then his brother and cousin will be in separate cars and the bouncers will be behind him in another car.

Last but not least Mabla 10 drives alone.

Then the rest of the band members those who do the military drills on stage will be in a bus.

The long and short of it is that Jah has a bloated band and management which he quite honestly doesn’t need.

Already those in the know say a show here and a show there is cheapening him.

Yes, a good example is Alick Macheso who used to perform more than four times a week.

While the coffers were busy, it took a toll on his popularity, energy and numbers at the shows.

The thing is musicians don’t learn.

Remember how Oliver Mtukudzi used to stage at least three shows per six months?

Then, he would perform what were known as welcome and farewell shows.

And whenever he returned home the crowds would fill up either Helenics, Old Hararians or Andy Millar Hall.

By the way during those shows, there were no supporting acts it was mostly Tuku and the Black Spirits plus the DJ who played music during the 30-minute break.

Tuku would then finish his set at around 2am then fans would go to nightclubs.
It almost became a custom that once you hear Tuku sing ‘Ndasakura Ndazunza’ you would know the show was over and you didn’t have to ask for an encore.

That is the feat you should achieve if you are to become THE star that you aspire to be.

Unfortunately for Jah he thinks longevity at the top is guaranteed by collaborations.

The band is too big by any measure and this is why your overseas tours are still not looking good.

You need to streamline the band and remove some of those pellet gun wielding soldiers from the choreography.

One show promoter whom I’m not going to name once asked me saying if Jah was that huge why isn’t he booked in Nigeria or Kenya where he will perform before multitudes and charge as much as he wants?

I couldn’t agree more.

You are only as big as what we the people say. Don’t overrate yourself.

It is my hope that you would act on the band before it’s late.

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