Friday, 26 May 2017

'You Can't Dump Me Like That!'. . . Ex Torments Married Man

No ways!

Lungile Ngwenya, a defiant ex-small house would stab herself every time her married boyfriend Johane Nkomo wanted her out of his system.

But because it was getting toxic, Nkomo approached the courts because other than saving his ex from herself, he wanted to salvage what was left of his marriage.

"I am applying for a peace order against my ex-girlfriend whom I have been trying to part ways with since September 2016.

"When I told her that I had decided to terminate our relationship, she stabbed herself with a screwdriver forcing me to continue with her," said Nkomo.

He revealed that after realising that indeed he was not prepared to continue with the woman, he tried again to dump her but the woman stabbed herself with a knife.
'You Can't Dump Me Like That!'. . . Ex Torments Married Man
"When I tried to part ways with her, she tried to kill herself again using a knife. I just stopped seeing her and ever since, she always insults me even when I am in the company of my wife.

"She also threatens to fix me with unspecified action. I now live in fear because of her threats," said Nkomo.

In responding to the allegations, Ngwenya dismissed everything which had been said by Nkomo saying that she had finally accepted that their relationship was over.

Western Commonage magistrate Tancy Dube granted the order in favour of Nkomo and also recommended that Ngwenya goes for counselling.

Source: BMetro