Friday, 26 May 2017

Husband Demands Bed After Finding Wife Indulging Sex With Lover

A FORT Rixon man who didn't care about his wife's infidelity only demanded to be given his bed after finding her indulging in sex with a boyfriend on it.

Doubt Wakapila found his wife Dzidzai Pise and her boyfriend engaging in sex with doors locked and allegedly broke in through the window.

Such an encounter would normally result in violence or even a bloodbath but Wakapila didn't bother going after a fleeing boyfriend. Instead, he asked for his bed.

"I went home to talk to my wife because we had been having problems. I tried to open the door and it was locked then I discovered that she was inside indulging in sex with her boyfriend. I decided to go in and get my bed instead since she had decided to get a boyfriend," said Wakapila.

Pise refused to give him the bed and a fight erupted. She queried why he only wanted the bed from the house.
Husband Demands Bed After Finding Wife Indulging Sex With Lover
"I was with a man but Wakapila recently moved out of our house to stay alone. Of all the things he can take from the house why does he want the bed?" she said.

She added that he even stole R3 000 she had been given by her boyfriend. Hence he appeared in court before Bulawayo magistrate Franklin Mkhwananzi facing charges of physical abuse, unlawful entry and theft.

He only admitted to the physical abuse charge and denied the other charges saying he did not see the money and did not enter through the window.

The wife told the court that she dropped her purse when she was trying to escape and when she looked for it she could not find it.

"Considering that he was the only person around I'm sure he's that one who took my money," she said.

Wakapila was remanded out of custody to a later date.

Source: BMetro