Saturday, 25 March 2017

Man Caught Bedding Son’s Wife

When his son Lloyd Madubeko went out of town, Tinashe Madubeko would sleep with his daughter-in-law Bridget Siamukwa and pay her $1 for the “wonderful” moments.

This went on until his other son, Lloyd’s twin brother Loweyd walked in on them in the act.

Loweyd then told his brother Lloyd that his wife was having sleeping with their father.

“The two had their bubble burst when Lloyd’s twin brother Loweyd walked in on them while they were having a good time.

By Sukoluhle Ndlovu
“Loweyd confronted his brother’s wife about the affair and she confessed that the two were having an affair since last year. He told his twin brother about the incident and the matter was taken to Chief Nemangwe’s traditional court,” said a source.

Chief Nemangwe under whose jurisdiction Mufungo Village falls under presided over the matter and made Tinashe pay a damage token.
Man Caught Bedding Son’s Wife
“His son (Lloyd) is the one who demanded that his father compensate him with five goats,” said Chief Nemangwe.

The source added that Siamukwa apologised to her husband but her father-in-law denied having an affair with her.

“Siamukwa apologised to her husband when she appeared before the traditional court. She regretted everything but Tinashe, however, denied sleeping with her arguing that his manhood was too small for s-e-x and let alone satisfying a woman,” said the source. B Metro