Friday, 27 January 2017

Tsikamutanda Demands A Beautiful Wife As Payment For Services

A tsikamutanda operating in Ziburawa village in Mberengwa demanded that a family pay him with their 22 year old daughter.

The Ndawana family is at loggerheads with the witch-hunter only known as sekuru Muzarabani who they have since reported to Chief Mposi. It is alleged that Muzarabani went to Ziburuwa Village last year and he has been performing rituals in a number of homes.

Home owners were asked to pay for the services rendered with goats, chickens and even cows. But his game plan changed when he saw a beautiful young woman at the Ndawana homestead and he asked to be paid with Varaidzo Ndawana.

Varaidzo's mother, Monica Ndawana has since labelled sekuru Muzarabani a con artiste. "After performing a cleansing ceremony at my homestead, I offered him two goats but he declined the offer saying that his ancestors wanted my daughter to be his wife. He claimed to have been dreaming about her for more than two years. I doubt his legitimacy, he seems to be cashing in on people's desperation," she said. Ndawana said Muzarabani was taking advantage of her since she is a widow.

"He is taking advantage of the fact that I am a widow and that there's no male person to fight for me. I might be a woman but I will never let anybody take advantage of my children," she said. Chief Mposi was made aware and he is shocked.

"I am shocked by the incident. I summoned him to my court but he absconded. After two days, I got wind that he had gone back to Gokwe, where he stays. Such incidents will make me ban tsikamutandas in this area," said Chief Mposi.
Tsikamutanda Demands A Beautiful Wife As Payment For Services
Source: BMetro