Thursday, 6 October 2016

What two pastors did to church member’s wife in public will make you weep!

A Facebook user named Patricia Uju posted a story of the horrible treatment a wife received from her husband and two Pastors in her church that is making waves online.

She revealed a wife was pressured to join a Church and when she refused, the Church pastors as well as her husband proceeded to beat her into submission.

She said: “A 27-year-old woman has dragged her husband of seven years and two bishops to court for allegedly attacking and injuring her in an attempt to force her to join a ‘strange’ church.”

The wife’s name is Christine Mueni and her husband is George Makori and two accused Pastor’s are Pastor Maxwell Mugendi Omari and Bishop Timothy Migwi who belong to Bethsaida Church in Kenya.

“She said they assaulted her for refusing to follow their instructions that included taking photos of her family members for the men of God.”
What two pastors did to church member’s wife in public will make you weep!
Christine is a practicing Catholic but her husband asked her one day to accompany him to the Besthsaida Church but she left because she felt uneasy about the Church.

He then threatened to end their marriage is she did not join him in the new church and when she did follow him, the two bishops pressured her for photos of her siblings and parents.

Christine refused to give them the photos and this led to the three of them descending on her and attacking her. Her screams attracted people so she was able to escape. The trial is yet to take place.