Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Chitungwiza Man Batters Wife In Police Station

A Chitungwiza man was arrested after he assaulted his wife at Dema police station. Painos Guruve pleaded guilty to assault charges when he appeared before Chitungwiza magistrate Blessing Murwisi.

Sentence expected to be made today. Painos told the court that he was prompted to assault his wife Pauline Maphosa because she had provoked him whilst they were at the police friendly unit.
Chitungwiza Man Batters Wife In Police Station
“We have been having counselling sessions at Dema police station’s friendly unit for the past five days and the day of the fracas was our last day. I was angered with the fact that when we were leaving the station she started doing the same things we were cautioned not to do. She started insulting me as well as my family with vulgar words and I ended up assaulting her,” he said.
In response, Pauline told the court that Painos was generally a violent man. “This is not the first time that he assaulted me, we were actually going for counselling at the police station because of how h has been treating me,” she said.
Source: H Metro