Friday, 19 August 2016

BREAKING: Clinton Foundation HACKED!

The Clinton Foundation, like the Democratic National Committee, Hillary’s presidential campaign, and the Democrats’ congressional fundraising committee before it, has been hacked.

According to Reuters, the Foundation hired security firm FireEye after the foundation discovered evidence it may have been hacked.

No documents from the hack have been released yet.

Reuters’ sources note the hackers used the same spear phishing technique used to previously hack Democrats. The tactics include the creation of bogus emails or websites to gain access to the Clinton Foundation staffers’ emails and ultimately to the foundation itself.

While nothing has been released yet, officials close to the Clinton campaign believe “the hackers might have obtained emails and voice messages that could be used to reinforce Republican charges that donors to the Clinton Foundation were rewarded with access to Clinton and her aides while she was secretary of state or to her husband, former President Bill Clinton.”

They also fear that WikiLeaks or another government watchdog group may release documents that could harm Clinton’s presidential campaign.

If that isn’t a confession of wrongdoing, smack me upside the head!
BREAKING: Clinton Foundation HACKED!
They are saying any potential hacked email or documents may confirm Clinton’s corrupt pay-to-play schemewhen she was the Secretary of State. This is without those actual emails being released yet!! She was selling out America to the highest bidder and it’s time for her to pay the piper. Reuters