Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Underwear Man Says He Was Thirsty

The Pitso family was shaken from their sleep at 2am on Thursday when they heard a loud bang on the roof. At first they thought it was a cat, but when the scared family heard the noise again, eldest son Peter (23) stepped outside to investigate.

He looked up and to his shock saw a barefoot, half-naked man standing on their roof in Phomolong section, Tembisa in Ekurhuleni.

Peter told Daily Sun: “We all woke up but hesitated to go outside as it was dark. When I finally went outside I got the shock of my life. The man was on the roof wearing nothing but his underwear in the cold, breathing heavily.

“When I asked him what he was doing there, he did not answer. My dad came out and we started talking to him. He said he was looking for a beer. But he didn’t have cash or even an empty bottle to show that he was going to buy booze.”

Peter said he became impatient and climbed up to get to the man.
Underwear Man Says He Was Thirsty
“As I reached the top, the man started swearing. When I approached him he jumped to the neighbours’ yard and I gave chase,” said Peter.

Neighbour Patrick Bengu said he was already awake by then.

“We tried to catch the man but we cannot tell where he ended up. He just vanished in front of us. We urge people to tell us where he could be so that he can tell us why he was climbing on our roofs.

“And why was he not wearing anything?” asked Patrick.