Friday, 3 June 2016

Kim Kardashian - Lying About Weight Loss?!

As you you might already know Kim Kardashian isn’t the most private person on the planet. Barely a week goes by without Kim’s naked butt popping up on the Internet somewhere, but it’s not just her famous ass that she bares to the world.

Ever since she gave birth to her second child back last year, Kim has openly discussed her progress with sculpting her “post-baby body.”

Yesterday, Kim revealed her waist size to the world. Prior to that Kim shared her exact weight with her Instagram followers by posting this scale selfie:

As you can see, Kim is claiming that she clocks in at about 132 pounds.

And nutrition and weight loss experts are saying that she’s full of it.
Kim Kardashian - Lying About Weight Loss?!
Recently, Radar Online asked several Hollywood fitness pros to assess current photos of Kim and offer their best guesses as to what she weight.

The consensus? She ain’t no 132.

“Kim looks to be at least 142 pounds, which means that she is 10 pounds over what she claimed to be on that scale,” says celebrity nutritionist Charlene Ciardiello.

“Also, it would be nice to actually see her face in a scale selfie for once!”

Ciardiello went on to offer some unsolicited fashion advice:

“If Kim is telling the truth, I would suggest she dress more for her body type and height so that she doesn’t appear so frumpy.”

Okay there, Charlene.

We all know Kim makes some … let’s say questionable fashion choices now and then, but let’s stick to our areas of expertise, mmm-kay?

The professional opinion followed by random shade continued with celebrity trainer Natasha Fett, who had this to say:

“I believe Kim is in the 140’s with her weight. But at 5’3”, that can still look massive.

“Kim has a very soft structure. She does not have enough muscle vs. fat, which is one of the reason she wears Spanx ! At her height, she needs to really lose a good 10-15 pounds to lose the stocky look.”

Personal nutritionist Daniel Laga believes Kim is even more “stocky” than his colleagues say, adding:

“I’ve been in this business 15 years and Kim is out of her mind! There is no way she is 132 pounds. I estimate her weight to actually be closer to 155 pounds!”

In conclusion: Kim is lying about her weight and Hollywood nutritionists are an unforgiving lot.