Thursday, 7 April 2016

Adrienne Bailon Denies Starting a Relationship with Israel Houghton While He Was Married

Adrienne Bailon came under fire late last month over her new relationship with gospel singer Israel Houghton — who was believed to be married when they began dating.

Now, the former Cheetah Girl, 32, set the record straight on her 44-year-old boyfriend’s marital status after photos emerged of the new couple vacationing in Mexico shortly after Israel’s divorce announcement.
Adrienne Bailon and Israel Houghton. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
"I think I'm more than anything grateful that I have a platform like this, where I can be with my girls. The show is called The Real — it is a place where we can speak about the truth," Adrienne said during the chat series.

"He had actually put out a statement. The other thing people were saying was that I was the cause of the divorce, which I think any divorce is obviously a sad thing. I think people see an announcement was made at the top of the year and then they see these photos and then they think, 'Well let's put this together,' but this is why I'm grateful for things like this — because it allows you to set the facts straight, and God forbid the facts get in the way of a really juicy story,” she continued.

She concluded with, “I'm going to say the truth and the truth of the matter is he isn't married. He obviously is divorced. He had put out a statement that he had failed in his marriage and it was five years back and I didn't know him at the time. So to put that on me was obviously hurtful."