Friday, 4 March 2016

Shingi Munyeza ‘Apologises’

Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe president Dr Shingi Munyeza has apologised for the noise which is emanating from churches which operate in residential areas.

Dr Munyeza made the apology on Tuesday after Harare Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni in his state of the city address revealed that the noise coming from churches is “un-Godly”.

“I would like to apologise for the noise levels that were alluded to by the acting Town Clerk (Mayor) that my constituency has been responsible for.

“We are working with the City to ensure that this does not inconvenience other City dwellers and I mean it…We have tabled it at the heads of Christian denominations that we need to work otherwise you will all start shunning these churches now instead of coming to them.
Shingi Munyeza ‘Apologises’
“So on a very serious note it is a matter we are working on with our City fathers to ensure that there is harmony in the camp.

“Shouting loudest does not mean that God hears you.We need to deal with this as some point.I have that authority as president of EFZ.

We are,we are,I must say the more guilty ones tha others,I take full responsibility,would you forgive me before I pray,”said Dr Munyeza and the Mayor said yes (you are forgiven),whilst guests broke into laughter.
Mayor Manyenyeni in his state of the city address had talked of the noise in churches saying:

“We are disturbed by the un-Godly noise levels which are coming out churches in residential areas all over the city.

“I don’t think God is pleased with noise pollution at reported levels,”said the mayor.The Harare (Control of Worship in Open Spaces)By-Laws which has been submitted to the Local Government,Public Works and National housing for approval is set to include some of the issues highlighted by the mayor.While there has been some objections on the by-law on the issue of noise it was said that there is “noise that emanated from the night vigils and many residents had complained.
Source: B Metro