Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Mother Hauls Son Before Civil Court For Terrorising Her

An elderly woman yesterday hauled her son before the Harare Civil Court, claiming he assaults all the family members and has disposed of household property without their consent.

Loyce Chesa told magistrate Mrs Barbra Mateko that her son, Allen, terrorises the whole family and acts like he is possessed by some evil spirits. Chesa said Allen once chased her with an axe, threatening to kill her and she had to seek refuge at a police station.
Mother Hauls Son Before Civil Court For Terrorising Her
"He is taking and selling all my household property and if I reprimand him, he becomes violent and assaults me. If his siblings try to restrain him, he also assaults them. Now, the whole family is living in fear of him because he acts like he is possessed by an evil spirit. He once broke into the house and stole all my dining property and sold it.

"When I asked him why he had done that, he pressed me against the wall and forcefully took my mobile phone before demanding some money in order to return the mobile phone. I have tried to be lenient with him as my last born son but he has gone too far," Chesa said.

Allen did not deny the allegations. He told the court that he was sorry and would not do it again.

"Some of the things she is saying are true and some are lies," Allen said.

Mrs Mateko ordered Allen to respect his mother and to stop abusing her in any way.
Source: The Herald