Thursday, 10 March 2016

Justin Bieber ‘Purpose World Tour’ Outfits: See Superstar’s New Stage Style! (PICS)

Justin Bieber launched his “Purpose World Tour” Wednesday night in Seattle, and the pop star brought many different looks to the stage. 

Bieber showed off everything from flannel to flesh, and now Gossip Cop is taking a look at all the new outfits from his kick-off performance. Check out the concert photos below!

The question of who can pull off a knee-length trench hoodie with ripped jeans was finally answered… by the Biebs himself! The singer opened his show in a somewhat covered-up look, even having the hood over his face at times. Luckily for fans, the layers came off as the night went on.

Continuing with casual couture, Bieber paired a denim jacket with sweat pants. Yep, sweat pants are no longer just for couch-sitting, as the former child star showed the world they can be used for massive world tours as well. That said, these were official “Purpose” sweat pants, so they at least had a (ahem) purpose.
Justin Bieber ‘Purpose World Tour’ Outfits: See Superstar’s New Stage Style.
Bieber also showed Beliebers he’s not afraid to share the stage, at least when it came to having someone’s face on his chest. The singer sported a Marilyn Manson t-shirt and a Kurt Cobain one during the show. On the back of the Manson shirt, “Bigger Than Satan Bieber” was written. The aforementioned denim jacket also had a heavy metal nod with Metallica-esque lettering adorning the back.

Other Bieber outfit standouts include multiple flannel looks, but the style moment of the night was when Bieber wore rain drops! Yes, with water pouring down on to the stage, the performer treated his fans to what is possibly their favorite Bieber, a wet Bieber. He danced in rain, ran around in rain, sang in rain, took off his shirt in rain. No word if the Bieber-rain was a Seattle-specific look, or if he’ll make it Bieber-rain all over the globe as the tour continues.

Check out photos of Bieber’s “Purpose World Tour” looks below!