Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Gweru Nurse Cuts Off Man’s BANANA While Busy On WhatsApp

There was drama at Gweru Hospital yesterday after tragedy struck a 24 yr old who lost the tipof his p_enis while being c_ircumcised.

The sad scenario has since bn confirm by the nurse incharge Sister Rudo Madzikadei who however refered further questions to the Provincial Medical Doctor

Tatenda Masuku had his p_enis accidentally cut while one of the nurses was putting a ring on the f0reskin.
Gweru Nurse Cuts Off Man’s BANANA While Busy On WhatsApp
He has since been taken 2 intensive care where hes reportedly in a critical condition
The sister incharge revealed that the nurse who had accidentally cut Masuku’s private part has been suspended as her matter awaits disciplinary hearing.
Tatenda however has a different version on how events played out prior to the erroneous cut. He claims the nurse was busy on WhatsApp while attending to his manhood. ‘Sister vavtori pa app havo vachiseka and ndopavakabva vandicheka pavakaseka’, Tatenda narrated.

Tatenda said he might open a case against the hospital once his p_enis heals.
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