Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Cross Border Trader Collapses And Dies In Front Of Her Husband

A CROSS border trader collapsed and died in the city centre yesterday morning just after arriving from South Africa.

When H-metro arrived at the scene-along Mbuya Nehanda Street-the deceased Fadzanayi Jamu’s husband Lazarus Dembure was at a loss of words.

“I cannot believe that she is gone my brother.She went to South Africa on Sunday and she crossed the border on Monday and ordered her stuff.

“She then called me today early in the morning asking me to come take her stuff home at Machipisa Shopping Centre but I refused because I felt it was risky for her to be dropped off at Machipisa with her wares during that time.
Add captionCross Boarder Trader Collapses And Dies In Front Of Her Husband
“The problem started when she told me that she was feeling dizzy and I just thought it was because of the long journey to and from South Africa.

“I bought her a beverage but she said she had no appetite.

“She then collapsed and all the efforts to resuscitate her were in vain.

“Pazosvika vamwe vanhu ndovati ndivaise mari muruoko vamwe vakavanamatira asi zvese zvashaya basa.
“When a nurse passed by she told us that she was already dead.
“She was asthmatic three years ago but with the assistance we got from the elders who gave her some herbs she never complained about asthma again.

“When we spoke over the phone,she never complained about any pain and when I saw her again she was jovial as always.

“It is so sad that she passed on like this when everybody thought she had gone to do her business like always.

“I am still shocked and cannot believe that she is gone.”

Source: H-Metro