Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Thugs ROB AND SHARE Wife's NUDE Photos.

CLARA Basera (40) sent nude pictures of herself to her husband, Wellington Mhiripiri (48) to keep their romance alive.

They miss each other when Wellington is at work as a plumber in North West.

But now Clara, from Tshwane, is deeply ashamed because the pictures have gone viral!

Clara said her unhappiness began when she and her husband were mugged and attacked on Sunday in Tshwane’s Church Square when they went to fetch their son-in-law who was arriving in the country from Zimbabwe.
Tugs ROB AND SHARE Wife's NUDE Photos.
The unhappy woman wants the thugs who embarrassed her to be punished.

“Three men came from behind and told me to give them my Vodafone tablet,” she said.

“I did so and they beat my husband up and took his Nokia Lumia 520 phone.

“They also took R4 000 Wellington had on him,” she added.

Clara said the thugs threw the phones to two women who were sitting waiting in a red bakkie.

“After a while, I began getting calls from people we know locally and in Zimbabwe, asking me why I was posing nude.

“I’m very angry, embarrassed and disappointed at the humiliation,” she said.

Clara said they opened cases at the Pretoria Central Police Station.

“We want those criminals behind bars,” she said.

“How can I face my friends and family after these pictures were circulated?”

Clara said the pictures were sent to numbers stored in both cellphones so she blocked her SIM card.

“But people were already exchanging those pictures. The pictures might still be spreading on social networks for all I know,” said Clara.

Captain Augustinah Selepe said cops were investigating a case of common robbery but no arrests have been made.