Sunday, 28 February 2016

TESTIMONY - Prophet Walter Magaya's Anointed Sticker Could Not Burn Even With Paraffin

Tamara Jaure from Kuwadzana Exension Harare is a partner of PHD Ministries who also came to testify the goodness of God in her life. Ever since she was young she experienced severe migraine headaches due to pain radiating from her fontanel (nhova). She experienced the pain until she got married in 1993. Her husband took her to white garment sects where she was told, they could not assist her but rather Tamara actually had the 'gift' to heal other people-she had the marine spirit and was advised to go back to her parents who would assist her.

Thus, Tamara went back to her parents and apparently her mother is a witch doctor who upon arrival comforted her that she could heal her. Her mother shaved off hair from the top of her head (fontanel) and also had to bite off a chunk of flesh from her head but when she checked thereafter there was no injury seen on her head and neither was there any sign of blood. The headache cleared and she went back to her husband in Harare. However soon after her return to Harare she had episodes of finding herself with no pant on her and upon asking her husband the husband confessed ignorance of such strange incidence. She would be intimate with a spiritual husband in her sleep on a daily basis. A few months after, the problem of headache restarted and she went back to her mother for healing, something that happened on several occasions. A year later she conceived and had a baby girl but the baby died after 4 months. Soon after the baby's death the husband died.
Prophet Walter Magaya's Anointed Sticker Could Not Burn Even With Paraffin
After the death of her husband Tamara went back to her parents and stayed there until she remarried in 2003. Tamara had a baby girl in the second marriage in 2004 but the baby also died after 4 months. Two years after the death of the baby (2006), the father to the baby got paralysed and died in 2007. Tamara went back again to her parental home. She started worshiping in a white garment sect (masowe) and became a member there in the rural areas. She came back to Harare where she found started doing some income generating projects to earn a living. She started frequenting one white garment sect in Harare similar to the one she had joined in her rural home. During the few months of being in the white garment sect she fell in love with a man whom she eventually got married to. As it was their norm at the white garment sect (masowe), the lobola money was taken to the shrine in order to 'anoint' the marriage ceremony plus their marriage by spending the night at the ‘altar’ of the shrine.

However, that very night whilst she was sleeping with her new husband she got paralysed and was hospitalised for some months until they discharged her due to lack of improvement. She could hardly hear and eventually her husband left her because he felt he could not have such a woman as a wife. The husband said such words on the assumption that she could not hear his words yet she could pick words at a close range. She went back to her parents and her mother attended to her as usual. She removed a sprouting bean from the top of her head (fontanel) after which ‘recovered’ and returned to Harare. When in Harare Tamara went to Mozambique to do some business because she felt she was now fit to work. Within a week in Mozambique the headache resumed in a severe way that she literally felt like her head was separating into two parts.

Tamara returned to Harare because of the problem. The spiritual husband also did not stop visiting her during her sleep and neither did the underwear stripping stopped. Her sister who works at one hospital in Harare gave her an anointed sticker from PHD Ministries which she reluctantly took home and stuck it on her door. Her condition did not change at that time and made her think that the sticker had no anointing, yet she did not realise that her deliverance was already in progress. Upon sharing her problem with her friends, they fed her with negative statements about Prophet W Magaya and even fooled her to believe that her problem had worsened because of the sticker. Immediately, she went home and pulled off the sticker and started to burn the sticker but it only got burnt half way and the flame died down just before it got to the photo of Prophet W Magaya. She took paraffin and poured it on the sticker, lit the fire but the flame died out again before the sticker was burnt. With anger she took the sticker and threw it in the dust bin and continued with her white garment sect worshiping.

A few months later, one of her sisters from Gweru sent her money and phoned her to use the money to buy an anointed disk at PHD Ministries in Waterfalls. She again reluctantly came to PHD Ministries where she was blessed with Anointing oil which she started using that very day. She returned the following Sunday and her visit coincided with the sermon “Marine Spirits”. She was seated in the overflow section. During the service Tamara manifested with marine spirit, the same spirit that had been proclaimed by the 1st white garment ‘prophet’ to be a 'gift' of marine (chipo chemweya wenjuzu) . The spirit was cast out that very day. At the onset of her manifestation, Tamara ‘saw’ fire burning in her bag and almost disowned it (the bag) had it not been that her keys and other valuables were inside. She also continued to administer the Anointing oil which she had been blessed with that very week. That day she never had any visit by the spiritual husband, she neither had her underwear stripped off nor did she experience any headaches any more. Tamara later came to the Guest house and received full deliverance. She has since regained weight and she sleeps peacefully like a baby.

We give all Glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.