Sunday, 28 February 2016


In May 1992, a car jacker did the unthinkable.

He walked straight into a police camp with hands stretched out and pleaded for an arrest.

The man had repented the hard way and needed a big favour from the police. He wanted to meet his victim, a Mr Charles Manyota (now deceased), whom he had robbed of his vehicle on December 8, 1981 along the Rusape-Nyanga Road.
The car thief later told a High Court judge that he had surrendered to the police not because of a guilty conscience; rather, he was seeing horrific visions ever since stealing the vehicle.

The robber was confident that his victim possessed some powers whose origin was questionable.

About 24 years later, the late Mr Manyota’s family opened up to The Sunday Mail and revealed that they have not known peace ever since his death in 1993.
The family suspects that Mr Manyota some goblins and his wife assisted him in taking care of them.
Goblins WIPED OUT 13 Family Members
Speaking on condition of anonymity, one of his sons said since 1993, the deceased’s family and some of his extended family have been tormented by the goblins, resulting in mysterious deaths, bad omen, failed marriages, poverty and sleepless nights.

Robert (34), the deceased’s grandson concurred with his uncle, adding that his aunt’s family (mother’s side) were the first immediate victims with death almost wiping out the entire family. “People started falling sick and dying mysteriously since 1993. On an annual basis, we would lose at least two relatives.

“His (Mr Manyota) mother was the first to die. Her sister then followed suit before her husband and two daughters died. One of them was struck by lightning.

“Their son attempted to commit suicide by downing poison. Then their daughter died when her neck broke during a prayer session at a Vapostori church. All this happened during the 1990s,” Robert said. He claimed that the goblin then turned to his father’s sister who passed on in 2007.

His father’s brother lost twin baby boys.

Mr Manyota’s daughter and son passed on last year. His daughter-in law had also died mysteriously two years before that.

“I confronted my grandmother about the family problems but she would say that she had been sworn to secrecy. I would ask her if she was happy brewing beer and preparing food for these goblins while people were dying.

“At that time she was alone and sick. No one was prepared to surrender their children to look after her since there were goblins in the house. That is when she decided to stop taking care of those things.

“She then stopped preparing food for the goblins. Immediately, she became seriously ill and spent a long time in hospital. During that time, she struggled a lot. She eventually died,” Robert said.

Could the insatiable goblins have died with their owners or they are still lurking in the dark, waiting to strike?

Robert believes only God can save his family.

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