Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Satanism Storm At Roadport - Drama As Prophet 'Exposes' Goblins In The Bus

A SELF styled prophet irked the public at Road Port terminus after he fished out a ‘goblin’ in one of the buses departing for South Africa yesterday. 

Apostle Eugene Makore of Kingdom Celebration International Ministries, who had been conducting a lunch hour prayer service at Raylton Sports Club, told his congregants to follow him to where the spirit was leading him so as to save hundreds from the works of Satanists, it is said.

He then went to Road Port and identified a supposed goblin in one of the buses. However members of the public believe it is a stage-managed prophecy.
Satanism Storm At Roadport - Drama As Prophet 'Exposes' Goblins In The Bus
“This man came with his camera crew and congregants to fish out a supposed goblin from one of the buses.

“This is probably one of those attention seeking self-styled men of God; he claimed that the goblin was going to cause the bus to have an accident.

“This reflects badly on the owner of the bus,” said one of the bus managers identified as Murehwa.

As a result the people wanted to beat him and he was helped by members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police who stopped the crowd from attacking him. When our source arrived at the scene remains of the burning horn were still there and the crowd was still gathered around it.

Efforts to get the prophet’s comments were futile as he was still in police custody. Djam Bus Services operations manager Wellington Mutikani confirmed the incident.

“Yes it is true a certain man claiming to be a prophet came and identified a bag that he said had been brought into the bus by Satanists.

“He fished out horns mixed with blood from the bag, however we failed to identify the owner of the bag.

“What is disturbing is the prophet did not speak to us first he just stormed into the bus and one would wonder why he did that.

“Despite the delays, our bus has already left for South Africa; it’s now business for us as usual. Our bus has been badly publicized.

“We do not know what to believe anymore, it might affect our business,” said Mutikani.

His congregants believe it is the spirit of God that led him to the bus.