Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Kingdom Embassy Leader Prophet Java's 'tangled love life' exposed

BARELY three months after the High Court approved the divorce between Kingdom Embassy leader prophet Passion Java and former wife prophetess Yasmin, the man of cloth is now officially off the market.

Prophet Passion,28, is now married to an Ethiopian woman Lily Tsegaye who is based in the United State of America.

Tsegaye is believed to have been the major financial sponsor of Passion’s ministry and impeccable sources allege that the pair started dating way before he divorced Yasmin.

“We have known Lily from the time that our prophet formed Kingdom TV, she was the one who was behind it financially.
Kingdom Embassy Leader Prophet Java's 'tangled love life' exposed
“She also used to invite prophet Passion to Washington DC where he would spend months planting churches and evangelising and what was shocking was that prophetess Yasmin was not invited on those trips.

“The challenges that Passion had with his former wife emanated from his associating with Lily.

“At one point, the prophetess informed the church board about the matter so that the church elders may reprimand the prophet.

“Even though the prophet insisted there was nothing going on between him and Lily it is now clear that they were in a love relationship way before he divorced prophetess Yasmin,” said the source.

Speaking to H-Metro from Kingston, Jamaica where he is currently doing missionary work, Passion confirmed his new marriage.

“I went through a divorce with my former wife Yasmin and we settled it in a peaceful and amicable way and I have started a new chapter in my life as well as my ministry.

“I thank God for my newly found love Lily Tsegaye, she has stood by me through thick and thin and marrying her is the best decision I have ever made.

“What is left now is bringing her home so that she meets the church as well as my son and my family, we are also planning to go to Ethiopia to meet her people,” he said.

He went on to thank his followers for not rebelling against him despite marital challenges he went through.

“I want to thank all Kingdom Embassy members in Zimbabwe and abroad for showing high level of maturity by still regarding me as their shepherd in faith, I urge them to keep on praying for my new family as well as the church,” he said. Source: H-Metro