Thursday, 14 January 2016

WINKY D A SATANIST - A Prophet Makandiwa Pastor Bans All UFIC Members From LISTENING TO Winky D’s Disappear.

Makandiwa pastor bans UFIC members from listening to Winky D’s Disappear.

A circular purportedly disallowing all UFIC members from boycotting Winky D’s music has gone viral. The incriminating and highly detailed note describes in detail what it titles “Winky D’s initiation into Satanism”.

Reads the circular, “All UFIC members are instructed to desist from listening to Winky D’s music particularly the one titled Disappear. It was revealed that the above mentioned artist has joined Satanism and that song was his initiation song where he clearly praises the devil and chants to his new master” The rather scary note says before adding. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and those who are knowledgeable shall heed the call. We shall go into detail the lyrics of the song Disappear”.
A Prophet Makandiwa Pastor Bans All UFIC Members From LISTENING TO Winky D’s Disappear.
‘In the opening lines, we clearly hear the singer chanting Abracadabra. The word Abracadabra is derived from an Aramic phrase meaning “I create as I speak”. Here Winky D is giving praise to his new master to speak through him and create that which his new master wants in him. Further on, the artist sings “Tora sipi uone magic zvinoshamura zvese”. This is a clear invitation to others to join him and the sip that’s being mentioned is the sip of the devil’s blood which makes your earthly problems vanish as the devil takes control of your being”

“Maoko mudenga maoko mudenga uko – This line is used to surrender to the devil after drink his blood the circular claims.

It gets worse.

In the following lyrics, Winky D sings Ndaiona uchifara anevamwe ndoshushikana sei uchingondisiya

But nhasi wandipinza mu gear” in this line, Winky D is lamenting the days before he joined the dark world and now happy that they have allowed him to join and ends up by confirming that he is joining the dark world to stay when he says “Ndava kuvhara mahwindo hakuna kwaunoenda magonhi ndakiya”

The circular finishes off by warning all UFIC members to stop singing along to the song as music is the devil’s tool to control people.

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