Wednesday, 20 January 2016

South Africa Fumes As Mos Def Mocks Mzansi In New Freestyle Track

AMERICAN hip hop artist Yasiin Bey, popularly known as Mos Def, has South Africans fuming!

This time it’s not about his use of the “world passport”. Instead it’s antics that saw him post a rap track that disrespects Home Affairs. Yet the artist is still in the country!
South Africa Fumes As Mos Def Mocks Mzansi In New Freestyle Track
The freestyle track starts with: “No more parties in SA” in reference to Kanye West’s No More Parties in LA. The song goes on to say: “Please this is Yasiin, no more parties in SA.
“Please tell them no more parties in SA
Hey home affairs I don’t need to stay
I’m leaving I’ll stay away
I committed no crime any place
Why do you pull this flip in my face
Why are you raiding my place
I don’t feel any safe... this is not an expression of fear
This is to just to make things clear
My intentions were pure on coming here (pauses with a chuckle).”

The track goes on and on.

US embassy spokeswoman Cindy Harvey confirmed that they were aware of reports of a US citizen who was arrested last week. “US citizens are entitled to a US passport to allow their return to the United States. Due to privacy considerations, we are not able to provide any further information,” she said.

Home Affairs director general Mkhuseli Apleni explained that Mos Def has been a frequent visitor to South Africa since 2013.

“Since his first visit in 2 June 2013, he has entered 10 times, and has always entered the country on a visitor’s visa (90 days exemption) using a US passport, not a World Passport,” said Apleni.

He said Mos Def’s last arrival was on 30 November 2015 on a visitor’s passport with his allocated 90 days expiring on 28 February 2016. However, he is said to have attempted to leave the country this month using another document and not his US passport.

He is on a R5 000 bail and he will appear for trial on 8 March to answer to the immigration charges. His family has received an order to leave Mzansi by 29 January.