Saturday, 23 January 2016

Shock As Dead Man Comes Back To Life... Claims Wife Chased Him Out Of Heaven...

A man from Mawabeni who died and resurrected a day after, shocked mourners when he claimed that he was chased from the underworld by his late wife.Bongani Ncube said his late wife MaNdlela kicked him out and ordered him to take his “ancestral regalia to her parents before joining her in the spiritual world.”

MaNdlela was a spirit medium.Ncube was pronounced dead by elderly people in Sibambene village and people had gathered to mourn him.

“Relatives and friends from other places were phoned and told about the death.
Shock As Dead Man Comes Back To Life... Claims Wife Chased Him Out Of Heaven...
“As you know that in rural areas dead bodies are not kept for long, the plan was to bury Ncube the following day.

“Villagers gathered and to their surprise during the night , they saw the corpse fidgeting and when they checked they found his eyes wide open.

“They checked his pulse and realised that he was indeed back to life,” said a villager.
It took Ncube a long time to speak.

“Shocked by the incident, villagers waited anxiously to hear what had transpired. Ncube then narrated his ordeal of being chased from the world of the dead.

“He said that when he met his dead wife, she asked him about her ancestral regalia and after telling her that it was at his home, she was not amused and sent him back to take the clothes to her home in Filabusi”.

Village head man William Ncube said “The elders declared Bongani dead and when he woke up he talked about his late wife’s issue and we had to travel at night to Filabusi to surrender the late MaNdlela’s ancestral regalia”.

On his part Bongani said, ” When I woke up, I was shocked to find people gathered at my homestead. I am really sick. It was just dark.”

Source: B Metro