Friday, 29 January 2016

Man begs to have violent wife jailed

A BULAWAYO man yesterday pleaded with a magistrate to jail his wife for at least a year for allegedly scalding him with cooking oil on the face and chest following a misunderstanding.

Clemence Ncube, 40, of Cowdray Park suburb told Western Commonage Magistrate, Abednico Ndebele, that he feared his wife, Miriam Phiri, 25, was going to kill him.

He claimed that there was no peace in their home and on Tuesday he sustained burns on the face and chest after his wife allegedly scalded him with boiling cooking oil.

"Your worship I want my wife to be jailed for at least a year as punishment for the pain I went through as a result of her actions. I fear one day she is going to kill me," said Ncube.

Phiri, was not asked to plead to a physical abuse charge, but said prison was not going to be good for her as she was receiving treatment.
Man begs to have violent wife jailed
"I'd rather be out of custody and move out of his house," said Phiri.

Ndebele remanded her out of custody to February 11 on free bail.

Prosecuting, Stewart Madzore, told the court that on January 26 at around 9PM, the couple had a misunderstanding over a phone call Phiri had received the previous night at around 11PM.

Phiri allegedly did not answer the phone call and when asked who wanted to talk to her, she did not answer.

"The accused person boiled some cooking oil in a saucepan and locked the door from inside. She then poured the hot cooking oil on the complainant's face and chest as he was passing by the kitchen," said Madzore.

The prosecutor said Ncube sustained burns on the face and chest and was referred to hospital.

He said a medical report will be produced in court as evidence.
Source: Chronicle