Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Fungisai Mashavave (Zvakavapano) Sets The Record Straight And Gives Response To Comments On Her not Being A Church Person.

Fungisai Mashavave (Zvakavapano) Sets The Record Straight And Gives Response To Comments On Her not Being A Church Person:

Here’s my response to the various comments and questions that have surfaced after The Sunday Mail and Newsday articles recently.

Indeed there is a huge difference between a church person and a christian. The difference in the two was evident even when Jesus walked on earth. The church people were the religious pharisees and seducees who were always waiting for to challenge, Judge and condemn Jesus Christ for the way he executed his God given ministry. 
Fungisai Mashavave (Zvakavapano) 
 On the other hand where the christians who Knew the importance of accepting and sharing God’grace with everyone according to the will of God… So yes, I would rather be a christian than a church person…. I would rather share my God given gift with everyone everywhere and impact positively on their lives than limit myself to artificial unrealistic social boundaries set by fellow humans in God’s name.The same people who crucify Christians for singing motivational social songs are on the other hand enjoying worldly music or even gospel music from non believing artists. Its because of such double standards that children of God remain miles behind in their endeavors. Never have i denied God or gospel music performance in this life. 

What i did was to package the same Gospel differently in a manner that appeals to different groups of people. I had hoped my words would be the bible to those people who would not give the bible a chance with the aim to influence their day today living positively. My lord Jesus would sometimes quote scriptures eg Isaiah but there were times he would use parables to send an intended message which is exactly what i have done. I have always had a set of songs to address the commandments which speak to the love we have for God, ie the church songs which in this case, some believe i am limited to. The other set of songs which address those commandments that address the love we have for our neighbours. These songs speak on our day to day life, tsika nemagariro edu as communities, eg Mwanasikana munhu, Zuva rabuda, Jek Muremba, haiwa kunyeba. 

I am convinced that if social songs are done by Christians like me, they are positive coz they are inspired by the right spirit. we are gifted differently as people, those with blessed hands and are tailors, carpenters, they serve every body without having to ask whether the client goes to church or not. they exchange patterns with all their workmates, they do not limit themselves to working with christians only. So I couldn't understand why kana one’s gift is in the form of a voice she is expected to discriminate workmates on a religious basis. U know when we attend the college of music whilst others attend other disciplines, we are all in pursuit of a successful career blessed by God. When the christian doctor Graduates he doesn’t do it to serve Christians only but his aim is to touch everyone’s life and hope in the process the unsaved people will meet God. The same with a college of music graduate. 

Musicians differ depending on their special disciplines. There are others those Christians whose speciality is in theology and then they become musicians, there are also some Christians like me, whose speciality is in Sociology and we all seek to contribute to the kingdom of God positively. Because i have an interest in sociology(tsika , magariro neunhu hwevanhu) My songs hve always been based on general current social issues. Eg economic recession /vanogona, drought/ Tichamuona , 

Makomborero etc.As for the Headline, IT BROKE MY HEART, but headlines are meant to sell papers , its rather unfortunate they set the tone and rarely do people follow the whole argument with an open mind and some dont even follow the story. They just cant wait to mobilize attacks based on a false headline. Never did i say or imply backsliding in this blessed life of mine. What breaks my heart is the effort by fellow christians, (most of whom i have served in their churches and lives) to perpetrate such falsehoods against me. Worse when i try explain myself and they still push me out of the kingdom as if they feel threatened by kuenda kwangu kudenga. Lol. 

There is so much hatred in some of us, we are quick to judge, pronounce death to each other and we utter harmful curses to fellow christians just because they perceive things differently from us and yet we all hope to eventually dwell in the same heaven It strikes me, the thought yekuti zvino tichanogarisana sei ikoko?