Thursday, 3 December 2015

Young Man Hacks Older Lover With An Axe

A woman who met her horrific demise at the hands of a young brutal ex- lover in Botswana has been laid to rest.

Dipuo Ramalepa, 33, was hacked to death and chopped to pieces by Tapologo 'Bongo' Makwatse, 23, last week.

She was killed at her new boyfriend's house in Rasesa.

The mother of three had her hands, feet and jaws chopped off, it has emerged.

The murdered woman's mother, Mmatlhopho Legobjwe said that Ramalepa and Makwatse fought often when they were dating in 2014 so their troubled relationship ended at the beginning of this year.
Young Man Hacks Older Lover With An Axe
Legobjwe said she got worried when her daughter's ex-boyfriend suddenly moved in as her next-door neighbour recently.

The distraught mother told of how evil began to rear its ugly head when Makwatse, popularly known in the village as 'Bongo' stormed their yard recently and kidnapped the baby he has with Ramalepa.

"He talked of his plans to kill the baby. He even confessed to me that he wanted to hurt my daughter's current boyfriend," said Legobjwe.

On the fateful day, Ramalepa who lived with her mother decided to go and take a bath at her boyfriend's house in the morning. She did not come back alive!

Her mother said that a few minutes after Ramalepa's departure, Makwatse returned the baby and left his yard brandishing a big axe.

At around 5pm, he returned to Legobjwe's house carrying the same axe, and casually announced that he had chopped Ramalepa to death because he was jealous of her new love affair.

"I called my daughter's phone to make sure she was okay but her phone was off," she said.

The devastated mother said Makwatse threw the axe on her flowers and told her he was waiting for the cops to come arrest him.

The dreaded phone call for the mother to identify her daughter's body at the hospital came through and at that point she knew that what had seemed like a sick joke had turned out to be her worst nightmare.

Too devastated to view the body, the grieving mother said that she was told that her daughter's hands were chopped off and her jaws hacked apart. Her ankles were also hacked.

Source: The Voice