Thursday, 3 December 2015

Tennessee woman with loaded gun hidden in vagina pleads guilty

A Tennessee woman will spend three years in prison for taking the Sex Pistols literally.

Dallas Archer, 21, pleaded guilty after hiding a loaded 4-inch revolver inside her vagina and trying to sneak it past prison guards last April.

The gun show, which doubled as a peep show, landed the woman felony charges for bringing contraband into a penal facility. She was also charged with vandalism and speeding, and fined $1,000, according to court records obtained by The Smoking Gun.
Tennessee woman with loaded gun hidden in vagina pleads guilty
Her lawyer, Daniel Cantwell, had no clue why she had a pistol in her privates, he told Sky News.

"I have never got an answer for that. I don't know. I think it's just because she was high," he said.

Dallas Archer will spend three years in jail for having a loaded revolver hidden inside her vagina, court documents showed.

She was also sentenced to three years of community service and two years of probation, court records showed.

Police originally nabbed Archer for driving without a license, and brought her to Kingsport jail. A female officer was doing a routine check when she noticed Archer was packing heat in her privates.

They pulled out a North American Arms 22LR revolver, which was reported stolen in 2013 from a retired car salesman from Kingsport. He said he hadn't seen the gun since it was stolen from his 1994 Mustang.

After finding out where his pistol had been, he said the gun would need a "bath in bleach."