Friday, 4 December 2015

SATANIST Gets BORN AGAIN... Confesses To Killing 200 People...

A 25-year-old Bulawayo man claims he killed 200 people in the past seven years he has been practising Satanism.

Lawrence Gassela said he has caused accidents ,killed people in their homes and also bedded different women using supernatural means.Making his confession to H-metro ,Gassela who is now a born again Christian after getting his deliverance said he was initiated into Satanism when he went to South Africa in search of greener pastures.

He began cult worshipping in 2008 after things had gotten hard for him,when he was initiated he developed supernatural powers to cause accidents,kill people in their houses and sleep with any woman he found attractive.
SATANIST Gets BORN AGAIN... Confesses To Killing 200 People...
Under the ‘contract’ he was not supposed to get married but could sleep with any woman he desired.Gasela has practised Satanism in South Africa,Bulawayo and Harare.

Wherever he has gone, he has left behind a trail of death and accidents.

Asked on the source of his power Gasella said whenever he drank human blood, he would receive supernatural strength. His insatiable addiction to blood made him cause a lot of accidents to quench his lust for more super human power.

Despite committing all these atrocities Gasela has never been caught,At one time he stabbed a man with a knife,Police came to the scene,saw him holding a knife dripping with blood but were left powerless to arrest him and did not press the issue letting him slip into the crowd and disappear

On Gassella ‘s body are several tatoos.These tattos are instructions of what he would have been told through dreams.Of particular interest was one written ‘I m sorry mum’.When asked what it meant,Gasella said it was an instruction for him to kill his mother to get wealth.

Apostle Muramba who is assisting Gassela said he still has a long way to go before he is fully delivered but he(Gasella was making progress) and the Apostle was confident he will soon be free from all curses and evil spirits.

Source: H Metro