Thursday, 3 December 2015

Pastor uses sringe to drain congrigants' blood and drinks it

At the time when strange pastors were sprouting in South Africa where one pastor made his congregation eat grass, while another tried to convince his flock that petrol tasted like water, another Mzansi's charismatic church leader at Limpopo allegedly used syringes to draw blood from young members of his church and apparently drank it

Daily Sun reported that Pastor Jane Nndwambi (53) of the Comfort Christian Worship Church outside Thohoyandou is now in hiding after she survived an attack in which her house and church were set alight by an angry group of community members.

Resident Mercy Sigwadi said the trouble started when Nndwambi invited a group of teenagers and children to her church to pray for them.
Pastor uses sringe to drain congrigants' blood and drinks it
She said the pastor allegedly drew blood from one of the children using a syringe.

"Some members claimed they saw the pastor place the blood in a bottle which she apparently hid in her house. We were shocked that the pastor took the kids' blood. She was supposed to pray for them!

"We suspect she drinks the blood and uses it for Satanism," said Mercy.

"This can't be the work of God. She is clearly working for the devil."

Mercy added that community members had resolved that the pastor should not return to the area.

Pastor Nndwambi denied the allegations that she was a Satanist. "I never drank anyone's blood," she said. "I suspect that some community members are accusing me of practising Satanism because my church is always full."

Warrant Officer Tshilidzi Nnyambeni of the Mutale police confirmed the incident and said a case of arson was being investigated but that no arrests had been made.

Source: Daily Sun