Thursday, 3 December 2015

Margaret Thatcher Voted Most Influential Woman Of The Past 200 Years

Margaret Thatcher is well thought-out by Britons to be the most influential woman of the past 200 years, a poll has shown.

Scottish Widows, collaborating with historian and author Suzannah Lipscomb, marked its 200-year anniversary by trying to identify which women were seen as having the greatest impact on society over the last two centuries.
Margaret Thatcher Voted Most Influential Woman Of The Past 200 Years
Around 2,000 respondents across all ages, genders and regions chose between women from the worlds of politics and world affairs, journalism and broadcasting and science and technology.

The Top 10 Most Influential Women

1. Margaret Thatcher (28 per cent)
2. Marie Curie (24 per cent)
3. Queen Elizabeth II (18 per cent)
4. Diana, Princess of Wales (17 per cent)
5. Emmeline Pankhurst (16 per cent)
6. Mother Teresa (13 per cent)
7. Florence Nightingale (12 per cent)
8. Queen Victoria (8 per cent)
9. Rosa Parks (7 per cent)
10. Oprah Winfrey (6 per cent)

‘The top 10 are an impressive list of women – each of them was or has been responsible for or overseen real change, but in addition nearly every one of them has some symbolic importance beyond their own person,’ said Suzannah Lipscomb.

‘What’s evident overall is that the women chosen as the top of each category – and in our list of top 10 – are not flashes in the pan.

‘Thatcher, Pankhurst, Curie, Earhart, Austen, Dench, Beauvoir and Adie are women who can be referred to by one name. They have been chosen because they were and are game-changers. This is the definition of “influential” that emerges.’

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