Sunday, 6 December 2015

Hollywood Star Morgan Freeman Survives A Plane Crash

Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman who is starred in several successful movies like Invictus, Lucy and The dark knight among others survived a plane crash after the tire blew during take off on Saturday and had to make an emergency landing at the a Mississippi airport.

No injuries were reported and the actor is believed to be fine.

“Sometimes things don’t go as planned and a tire blew on takeoff which caused other problems,” Freeman, 78, said in a statement to PEOPLE magazine.
Morgan Freeman survives a plane crash
“But thanks to my excellent pilot Jimmy Hobson we landed safely without a scratch,” he added. “I cannot say the same about my plane. I appreciate the concern and prayers for our safety.”

Morgan Freeman was set to fly to Texas to shoot a segment for the series The story of God.

According to Morgan’s friend Bill Luckett, the plane made a controlled forced landing at a Tunica airport on Saturday evening.