Thursday, 3 December 2015

All Parents Have To Watch This: Expert Shows How To Stop A Baby Crying In Seconds

Just in case you were wondering how best to stop a baby crying in seconds. A US doctor has found the secret all new mums and dads need to know — how to stop baby crying.

Dr Bob Hamilton claims his simple technique, The Hold, is a failsafe way to stop a newborn screaming in seconds.
‘Problem? What problem?’
‘Problem? What problem?’
In a new video, the paediatrician comforts two tiny tots who have just had jabs — and the result is amazing.

The doc picks up screaming Ashton and explains: “I fold his right arm and then his left arm in front and very gently hold his arms (across his chest). Then I hold his little bottom and gently rock him up and down.”

Dr Hamilton demonstrates ‘The Hold’.Source:YouTube
Dr Hamilton demonstrates ‘The Hold’.Source:YouTube
Showing the red mark where he’d just been jabbed, Dr Hamilton adds: “Even with that big ‘ouch’ on his leg here you can see that I can comfort him and quiet him.”

He then demonstrates the method on a second child, showing how to hold him at a 45 degree angle and “gently shake his little booty” to calm him down.

The quickstep guide to The Hold is:

1. Fold the arms across the chest

2. Secure arms gently

3. Grasp nappy area

4. Rock at a 45 degree angle

Those scream-induced headaches for parents could be a thing of the past ...

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