Thursday, 5 November 2015

'Sick' Prophet Catches Wife In Bed With Lover, Collapses

A SELF-PROCLAIMED prophet from Bulawayo collapsed on Monday after he caught his wife red-handing in matrimonial bed with a long-time lover.

Thulani Nkala had knocked off early at work as he fell sick and caught Clara Rubaya in bed with Ezlamm Sibanda.

After Nkala had collapsed Sibanda fled the house thinking he had died.

But he was caught by neighbours.
'Sick' Prophet Catches Wife In Bed With Lover, Collapses
"While at work I developed a running tummy. As a result my boss said I should go home when I got home around 9pm I was shocked when I heard strange sounds. I tried to listen and thought maybe we had visitors.

"I then opened the door since I had spare keys. I found my wife bending holding the bed while her lover was on her case. After that I don't know what happened because I had a black out. I only woke up to see a lot of people surrounding me' he said.

Nkala has since chased his wife away and now working toward offsetting the balance of lobola.

"I had gathered substantial money to pat party of the lobola. I won't pay anything anymore. I sent her back home".

Said Rubaya " I don't know what got into my head. I failed to stop my previous relationship with Ezlamm because I fail to get rid of him and I believe I still love him".
Source: B-Metro