Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Harare Woman Caught With Another Man 2 Days After Wedding Day

Harare police seized a local business man Gilbert Muza with a woman Joyce inside a lodge just two day after her wedding.
Harare Woman Caught With Another Man 2 Days After Wedding Day
The naughty duet hiding from our cameras
A vendor who knew the woman and her newly wedded husband Tawanda Musanhu had seen the couple stealthily entering the lodge, The Vendor then called the Tawanda Musanhu with a tip off and the address of the lodge, Tawanda rushed to the lodge and he saw Muza bonking his wifes punnani. Tawanda Siezed the naughty duets clothes and took the keys of the room, Tawanda then Locked the couple in the room and went to summon Joyce's Pastor who was the marriage officer and the police.

Obscene pictures of Joyce were found in Muza’s mobile phone and he confessed to having an old relationship with her.” He mentioned the relationship started when Joyce came looking for Cars to hire for her wedding and Muza offered the two cars for free on undisclosed conditions which may have later led to the affair.
The paper did not mention where the couple were Taken to but said the man is 25 years old and his wife is a university student aged 21 years.