Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Epworth Man Has Affair With Church Mate’s Daughter

A 58 year old man from Epworth allegedly fondled a church-mate’s daughter’s breasts and b.uttocks.

The girl is aged 16. Ricky Gondo denied the claims in court saying he never had an intimate relationship with the girl.

He was granted $50 bail.

He said in court “I do not know anything about what is being levelled against me because the father of the complainant came to my house accusing me of having an affair with his wife.

“I even gave him my phone to check for messages he said we were texting each other in my phone and he did not find anything,” he added.
Epworth Man Has Affair With Church Mate’s Daughter
The court heard that sometime in July, Gondo proposed love to the girl from his church and she agreed.

Gondo communicated with the girl who was using her mother’s mobile phone, with text messages.

Also Gondo used to ferry the girl from home to school.

Along the way it is said Gondo would then fondle the victim’s breasts and b.uttocks with her consent.

The victim’s father came to know of the said affair after he discovered Gondo’s mobile number appearing frequently on his wife’s mobile.

That led to a misunderstanding between the father and his wife who was suspecting that his wife was the one having an affair with Gondo.

The girl ended up opening up to her parents about her affair with Gondo which led to his arrest.