Friday, 27 November 2015

Drama As Prophet ‘Cures’ Fibroids With His Manhood

A SELF proclaimed spiritual healer who claimed that he could cure and burn fibroids with his p.enis was dragged to court for rape after he had s.ex with a married woman who suffered from genital warts.

Ngonidzashe Hakata, 27, appeared before magistrate Adonijah Masawi and denied the charges.

Hakata told the court that he had consensual s.ex with the complainant, Fadzai Manyengavana, 23.

Prosecutor, Timothy Makoni, told the court that Manyengavana visited Hakata’s place seeking treatment after she suffered from some unconfirmed s.exually transmitted disease sometime in September this year.
Drama As Prophet ‘Cures’ Fibroids With His Manhood
Court heard that Hakata diagnosed and told her that she had some uterine growth which can only be removed by having s.exual intercourse with a man not his husband.

Manyengavana told Hakata that she had no boyfriend and the prophet offered his assistance.

Makoni told the court that Manyengavana came back on a later date and had s.ex with Hakata who claimed that her illness would vanish.

A few days later, Manyengavana’s husband developed some genital warts and visited another prophet for healing.

Court heard that the prophet told him that his wife had infected her and was ordered to confront her.

Manyengavana did not disclose her adulterous act after she was quizzed..

However, one day when her husband had gone to work, Manyengavana wrote a note to him telling him what she had done with Hakata.

With the help of her husband, they then filed rape charges against Hakata leading to his arrest.

However, Hakata walked free after he was discharged at the close of state’s case.

This was after magistrate Masawi ruled that the state had failed to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt.

His ruling was based on the fact that a rape case was filed a month after the alleged offence, which shows that Manyengavana was not violated.

Masawi said Manyengavana did not voluntarily make a police report against Hakata but was coerced by her husband.

He said the court could only then believe Hakata’s defence that the two had consensual s.ex.
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