Saturday, 3 October 2015

2015 The Year of His Power - Prophet Makandiwa

Founder of United Family International Church Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa announced the theme of this year (2015) at the CrossOver All Night in Chitungwiza saying it will be THE YEAR OF HIS POWER.

Addressing thousands of believers who braved the cold, rainy weather,the man of God promised that believers will in 2015 witness the phenomenal manifestation of God’s power and come forth with testimonies every day.

“Another good reason why you should continue to celebrate is because the Lord said to me; 2015 is the year of His power,” said Prophet Makandiwa to the delight of over 40,000 attendees.
2015 The Year of His Power - Prophet Makandiwa
Just after announcing the 2015 theme Prophet Makandiwa taught from Psalms: 62:11“God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God.”

The servant of God said that all power belongs to God and explained how God would transform many people’s lives this year. “If allpower belongs to God where is this other ‘power’ coming from? If there’s a power pulling you down, it is not even regarded as power. God is removing you from where you are; tonight is a night of shifting,” he said.

“I want you to open your eyes and see where the Lord is taking you. The word of God and the miracles will be flowing to you in a different format. Position yourself, for the God that you serve is about to serve you! This year is unique and itis going to be outstanding,” declared the man of God.

Prophet Makandiwa also assured congregants that they would not lose their lives during the course of this year. “God did not take you this far to die, my brothers and sisters the journey has just begun. We are moving towards the promises of God and the Lord is about to prove to you that He cannot lie,” he added.
2015 The Year of His Power - Prophet Makandiwa
In his New Year’s message Prophet Makandiwa took time to talk about his calling relating it to Biblical Moses who was appointed deliver over Israel and emphatically stated that God mandated him to deliver his people from poverty.

Recollecting his early days in ministry where he and Prophetess Makandiwa used to struggle, the man of God encouraged congregants to seek the Lord.

“You cannot seek the Lord and miss Him, by finding the Lord you will have found everything because the Bible says seek ye first the Kingdom of God,” said the man of God.

He also reassured the generality of Zimbabweans that there is still hope for us as a nation and promised to give detailed prophecies concerning the nation in the near future.