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Thokozani Khupe Opens New Party Offices

Thokozani Khupe Opens New Party Offices

Expelled MDC deputy president Thokozani Khupe has opened new party offices in the Bulawayo central business district.

Previously Khupe took control of the party’s Bulawayo provincial offices, but was ordered to vacate by the High Court. Her personal assistant Witness Dube confirmed occupying new offices.

“Our use of new offices in town is a measure we had to take especially for preparing for congress since Bulawayo is the hosting province,” Dube told Southern News.
Thokozani Khupe
“After our 21 April extraordinary congress, we will definitely revisit the Chamisa cabal’s usage of our party offices ahead of a congressional and Constitutional acting president of the MDC-T, Khupe, whom we expect to be affirmed as the substantive president of our party,” he said.

Their new offices are on the first floor of Centurion building, corner 9th Avenue and Herbert Chitepo.
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The Drama Continues: ‘Confidence’ Wasn’t The Only Cheater … Fresh Details Emerge

The Drama Continues: ‘Confidence’ Wasn’t The Only Cheater … Fresh Details Emerge

A University of Zimbabwe student by the name of Confidence has found himself in a tight spot after being confronted about his promiscuous lifestyle … His four girlfriends recently found out they were dating the same man and banded together to dish out street justice.

One of the girls had dated him the longest with a relationship spanning over three years, and the rest we may assume followed afterwards.
The girls who were dating one guy!
Before we begin to celebrate the coming together of women in this new feminist era, it turns out in a new twist Confidence isn't the only sinner after all and the ‘victims’ aren’t entirely heartbroken saints either.

Two of the four girls , where already in long term relationships with boys other than Confidence, which also means that one chick is expecting a baby on the way without potentially knowing who the true father of the child is.
VP Chiwenga Bashed As A ‘Dictator’ … More Powerful Than ED

VP Chiwenga Bashed As A ‘Dictator’ … More Powerful Than ED

The shock sacking on Tuesday of nurses by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga for failing to heed a government call to end their industrial action has spotlighted on the former military commander’s overbearing influence on governance issues, which date back to the time he was the country’s top soldier.

Political opponents say the ex-army boss turned country’s number two posed a security threat as his hand in often dictatorial government decisions has been evident.

During his time as Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander, Chiwenga led an unpopular declaration by the country’s security commanders they were never going to countenance then President Robert Mugabe’s defeat, let alone by opponents who never took part in the country’s liberation war.

Chiwenga went on to block then opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai from taking over as President when all seemed the now late charismatic leader was romping to victory in a bloody presidential run-off poll 2008.
VP Chiwenga Bashed As A ‘Dictator’ … More Powerful Than ED
The once feared top soldier has also been scorned for meddling in Zanu PF internal politics and further describing the ruling party as chinu chedu (our property) and the military as stoke brokers of the country.

The acts elicited strong remarks from then President Mugabe who berated the military top brass for allegedly “plotting a coup”.

When Mugabe visited a fierce purge on his allies he accused of plotting to remove him from his job in 2015, he spared the country’s security organs in apparent fears of stoking a backlash from controllers of the country’s armouries.

In November 2017, the inevitable happened as Chiwenga struck again, this time with fatal consequences to Mugabe’s political career.

Unlike in some of his past acts, the “soft coup” was popular among locals who celebrated the fall of their leader.

In an apparent attempt to camouflage what many felt was a coup, although in hushed tones, Chiwenga allowed then Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to take over as President while he became VP. It never took him time to grab the Defence portfolio from co-VP Kembo Mohadi who was relegated to manage the less influential ministry of peace and reconciliation.

The VP struck again, this time with the unilateral sacking of several members of the police top brass. The decision was later reversed by President Mnangagwa.

Only this week, Chiwenga summarily sacked striking nurses, further putting Mnangagwa in an invidious position of having to choose between a man who ushered him to State House and a population looking up to his leadership for economic salvation.

There are reports of simmering tensions between the VP and his boss with signs Chiwenga was the defacto President having been the one who cleared the way for an unelected Mnangagwa to assume the reins.

With his Presidential ambitions now a matter of public record, it is feared his ascendancy to the country’s top job could turn disastrous for a country that has seen enough dictatoriship under Mugabe for 37 years.

Political opponents say the current scenario was untenable.

“This new concept of a co-presidency being exercised by the Croc (Mnangagwa) and the General is creating a constitutional crisis,” said Jacob Mafume, PDP spokesperson.

He added:

“The experiment is not going to work in the current format. One of them has to agree he is ceremonial for it to work. In this case maybe the Croc was put in for window dressing and is yet to come to terms with it.

“They are two lions in the same basket all looking to eat. The strike is political he says without defining what he means. That accusation alone from him is enough to fire every striking nurse as the head of a management cluster not even a constitutional cluster but an arbitrary management cluster.”

Mafume said the VP was behaving as if Mnangagwa was not his boss but a partner.

“He is paranoid out of control drunk with power,” he said.

Jealous Mawarire, spokesperson for the Ambrose Mutinhiri led National Patriotic Front, was also scathing of Chiwenga and his actions.

“The command way of doing business brought by the coup government is untenable, as illegal as the regime itself and patently insensitive to the reasons why the nurses resorted to industrial action in the first place.”

The new Mugabe backed party has often accused the country’s former military boss of tearing the country’s constitution apart to dislodge President Mugabe.

ZCTU SG Japhet Moyo said it was highly likely that government would still pay the fired nurses after incurring high litigation costs.

“Clearly soldiers are not leaders nor managers when it comes to industrial issues. Remember the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry is a retired General and the chairman of the Cluster is a coup master, nothing will come from them,” he said.

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Monday, 9 April 2018

Cameroon’s Anglophone Crisis Needs Urgent Political Solution - UN

Cameroon’s Anglophone Crisis Needs Urgent Political Solution - UN

The UN Refugee Agency has called for an urgent political solution to the crisis situation in Cameroon. Aikaterini Kitidi, UNHCR spokeswoman made the remark recently while appraising the current refugee situation in Nigeria where over 20,000 Cameroonians have been registered as asylum seekers.

Kitidi said a recent assessment by humanitarian groups shows 95 percent of the asylum seekers have no more than three days of food. “Most families are down to one meal per day in Nigeria, and their basic needs are hardly served”.

She said the asylum seekers reported that they do not have access to clean water, while essential relief items such as clothing, blankets, and plastic sheeting are also available to fewer than 25 percent of them.
Cameroon’s Anglophone Crisis Needs Urgent Political Solution - UN
The spokeswoman said only five in every 100 Cameroonians have proper or independent shelter, while the rest have little or no privacy. “Children commonly exhibit rapid breathing and coughing,” she noted.

She urged Cameroonian authorities to urgently come out with proper solutions which will propel refugees to return home. “Our office has worked on a contingency plan of $18 million to help cover their needs. However, so far no funds have been received, leading to immense challenges and gaps in the response,” the UNHCR’s spokeswoman said.

It would be recalled that Cameroonians began fleeing conflict between the government and the Anglophone separatist forces since October 2017 and continue to pour into Nigeria’s Cross River, Taraba, Benue and Akwa-Ibom states. since 2016, the country has been marred by protests, with residents in English-speaking regions saying they have been marginalized for decades by the central government and the French-speaking majority.

Most protesters are calling for a return to federalism while others say they desire independence of English-speaking Cameroon.
Tempers Flare In Prophet Magaya Rape Trial

Tempers Flare In Prophet Magaya Rape Trial

Harare lawyer, Nyikadzino Singano has filed neglect of duty and verbal abuse charges against Prosecutor-General (PG) Ray Goba, as tempers continue to flare over the latter's alleged heavy-handedness in the rape trial of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) leader, Walter Magaya.

Singano last Friday reported Goba to the police accusing him of contravening section 88 of the Post and Telecommunications Act.

In his response to Goba's telephonic attacks on Thursday last week, which have since formed the subject of a criminal matter against the top prosecutor, Singano said he was not afraid of the PG and would never be cowed to dump his clients.

According to correspondence gleaned by NewsDay, Singano says he is representing a victim, who was allegedly raped by a State witness, Kudakwashe Elliot, who apparently is expected to testify against Magaya.

"…Instead of dealing with that issue (witness' issue) and telling the court the truth, you have
chosen to make threats in abuse of your office and in the vain hope that I would be cowed into silence. The heavens would rather fall but I would never be threatened by a person like you," Singano said.

"I am also aware that you (Goba) have, contrary to your assertions met (Magaya's complainant) before. You did so during the failed attempt at committal. Why my brother, would you want to lie over that simple issue? Assuming however, that you are correct, which you are not, do you mean that you do not see the impropriety of putting a charge in a rape matter under circumstances in which you have never interviewed the complainant?"
Tempers Flare In Prophet Magaya Rape Trial
Singano added: "Let me make this position fundamentally clear, I am not afraid of you nor am I concerned by your threats, a recording of which is in my possession. Rather than discharge your duties, you have decided to address me as s…t, threatening in the process to deal with me. I have put the law into motion; you must answer for your conduct."

Singano's response came after the PG wrote to him accusing him (Singano) of defeating the course of justice in Magaya's ongoing trial.

"With the full knowledge that she (Magaya's complainant) is required by the court on April 3, 2018 you (Singano) contemptuously assisted her to defy a lawful order of court. You are, therefore, at the very least a socius to her crime of contempt of court to the extent that the contents of the said affidavit are also at variance with her statement to the police when she caused the arrest of Magaya," Goba wrote.

"She is liable to a charge of perjury and you have exposed yourself to possible prosecution for the same offence including of course obstruction and/or defeating the course of justice (with actual intent)."

Source - NewsDay